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    What to pay attention to when using belt assembly line equipment

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    What to pay attention to when using belt assembly line equipment

    2020-10-14 11:14:36

    In fact, many customers think that: I have purchased a product, and the follow-up issues of equipment maintenance are issues that merchants should consider. As long as there is something wrong with the product during the warranty period, you can find them. It is true, but sometimes it is possible. Why bother the merchant for simple maintenance? Let us take a look at the things that should be paid attention to when belt conveyor line equipment with belt conveyor manufacturers!

      1. Regularly check the connecting parts of the wires of the belt assembly line to see if the connection is reliable and good, and whether there are rust spots and other phenomena.

      2. Regularly check whether the assembly of various parts is good, whether the fasteners are loose, and whether there are other foreign objects in the body.

      3. Before using the equipment, check whether the power supply circuit in the workshop meets the load requirements required by the equipment; whether the power supply voltage and frequency conform to the equipment regulations.

      4. At the end of each shift, the line body and the sundries under the main and auxiliary machines should be cleaned to keep the equipment clean, tidy and dry to increase the service life of the equipment.



    5. During use, the components should be placed in place, and non-assembly items such as paper scraps, cloth pieces, tools, etc., are strictly prohibited to go online to ensure the safety and reliability of the production line.

      6. Before starting the motor, it is necessary to check whether the reducer in the main drive system has been refueled; if it is not refueled, add oil or gear oil to above the marking line, and clean and change the oil after using it for about a week.

      7. The conveyor belt of the belt assembly line should be adjusted in time: the tensioning device at one end of the line body is equipped with an adjusting screw. The tightness of the conveyor belt has been adjusted during installation. After a certain period of operation, due to the long-term tension working condition The abrasion of rotating parts will produce elongation. At this time, rotating the adjusting screw can achieve the purpose of tightening, but pay attention to correct tightening.

      8. Inspect and clean the bearings and bearing housings every year of use. If damage is found to be unsuitable for use, they should be repaired or replaced immediately and greased. The amount of grease added is about two-thirds of the inner cavity.




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