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    Z-type bucket elevator

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    Z-type bucket elevator

    Z-type bucket elevator

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    Z-type Bucket Elevator

    The buckett elevator is mainly used for lifting materials with good fluidity such as salt, sugar, grain, seeds, hardware, crops, medicines, chemicals, potato chips, peanuts, candy, dried fruits, frozen foods, vegetables, etc. The product lifts the material vertically from a low position to the position such as multihead weigher or linear weigher.

    It consisted of the buckets which have various sizes, such as 1L, 1.8L, 3.8L etc. Sizes and bucket volume depends on the requested. 

    Product Charateristic:

    1. With hoppers molded from food grade material of PP ABS, SS 304#, beautiful apperance, no deformation, ultrahigh&low temperature resistance, acid & alkali corrosion resistance and durability.

    2. Perfectly continuously &intermittently transported &equipped with other feeding equipment.

    3. Independent control box with reserved external port, also can be in series with other supporting equipment.

    4. Easy to disassemble, assemble, operate, repair and maintain. No professional is required. Hopper is easy to be dismantle to clean the residue, to ensure food safety & hygiene in the food industry.

    5. Small space needed and easy to move.

    Optional configuration:

    1. Body material: 304 stainless steel, carbon steel.

    2. Optional hopper&contacting material: SS 304#, ABS or PP

    3. Hopper volume: 0.6L, 1.0L, 1.8L, 3.8L, 6.5L,

    1.0L & 1.8L(single outlet)3.8L & 6.5L(single & multiple outlet)

    4. Accept customized according to customer's drawings


    Technical parameters individual parameters according to 1.8 liter standard model

    Machine name

    Z-type Bucket Elevator

    Machine type Model


    Bucket volume


    Machine structure

    #304 Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel Painted Steel

    Production capacity

    2-3.5 m³ /H,4-6 m³ /H,6.5-8 m³/H

    Machine height

    3755mm(1.8LStandard type)


    3200mm(1.8LStandard type)

    Material of parts in contact with food

    304#, PP or ABS


    Single-phase, two-phase orthree-phase 180-220V three-phase 350V-450V; 50-90Hz

    Total power

    1.1KW(With vibrating feeder)

    Packing size

    L2250mm*W1250mm*H*1380mm(1.8LStandard type)

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