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    Screw conveyor

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    Screw conveyor

    Screw conveyor

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    Screw Conveyor

    Screw conveyor is also a spiral blade feeder, it can lift a variety of powdery materials, and can be matched with the packaging machine or related equipment to realize automatic feeding of material level tracking, or it can be used alone in other occasions. Except for the motor and bearings, the rest are made of 304 stainless steel.

    Product use: suitable for conveying non-sticky dry powder materials, small amounts of mixed wet materials and small particle materials, such as rice, milk powder, salt, soybean powder, etc.

    Machine performance advantages:

    1. The feeder adopts the main motor for feeding for power rotation, and the rotary vibration motor for supplying supplementary power. They are separated independently, and can be controlled separately, and can be unified externally.

    2. Equipped with independent control operation electric box, reserved external control port, can work independently or in series with other supporting equipment, which is convenient and simple. The delivery volume can be adjusted at any time according to demand. Materials are not easy to bridge, right

    Strong material adaptability;

    1. The silo and the conveying pipe are designed to be separated, with reasonable structure, easy loading and unloading, and convenient transportation.

    2. The unique multi-seal dust-proof design keeps the bearing away from powder and is not damaged by dust and wear.

    3. In order to facilitate the cleaning of residual materials, it is designed: the screw can be reversed for discharge, the lower end of the material pipe is equipped with a gate for discharge, and the entire screw can be disassembled, cleaned, installed, and maintained in a few simple steps.

    4. Provide multiple methods for customers to choose according to the use environment and material characteristics.

    Technical datas:

    Machine name

    Screw Conveyor


    XY- LG15

    Production capacity

    3 m³ /H

    5 m³ /H

    7 m³ /H

    12 m³ /H

    Pipe Dia.





    Power supply





    Machine structure

    #304 Stainless steel

    Hopper volume



    Single-phase, two-phase or three-phase 180-220V, three-phase 350V-450V, 50-90Hz

    Angle of incline

    Regular 45 degrees, 30 degrees 60 degrees can be customized; 45degreefor standard, it can customeried for 30 or 60 degrees.

    Lifting height Discharge height

    Normal 220mm, other heights can be customized, 2200mm standard, others available

    Silo shapeHopper type

    Package Size

    Machine weight





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