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    Horizontal conveyor

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    Horizontal conveyor

    Horizontal conveyor

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    Horizontal conveyor

    Conveyor Material: belt and chain plate. Two side: 304 or PP to fix or block the material. Belt rotation to send material while the baffle is fixed. It is mainly suitable for conveying the material with outer packaging, massive or granular article, such as candy, sausage, fruit, vegetable, medicine, carton, etc, from low to desired location.

    Product characteristic:

    1. Conveyor chain plate: food grade of PR Good appearance, Low deformation, high and low temperature resistance, durability, smooth operation and large conveying capacity.

    2. Perfectly continuously &intermittently transported &equipped with other feeding equipment.

    3. Independent control box with reserved external port, also can be in series with other supporting equipment.

    4. Easy to be assembled, dismantled, cleaned and maintain. No professional is required. Belt is easy to be dismantled to clean the residue, to ensure food safety & hygiene in the food industry.

    Optional configuration:

    1. Body material: 304 stainless steel, carbon steel. Belt material: food grade of PU, PVC,chain plate: PR POM, PE,multi-material & color optional

    2. Accept customized according to customer's drawings

    Technical Parameters

    Machine name

    Horizontal conveyor



    machine frame

    #304Stainless steel, painted steel

    Conveyor chain plate or food contact material

    PU、PVC Belt、PP、PE、POM Chain plate or 304#

    Production capacity

    4-10 m³ /H

    Machine height

    300-1000mm(Can be customized according to customer requirements)

    Conveying length

    1000-32000MM(Can be customized according to customer requirements)


    Single-phase, two-phase orthree-phase 180-220V; three-phase 350V-450V 50-90Hz

    Power supply

    0.8KW(Can be matched with delivery length)

    Package SizePacking size

    L2250mm*W800mm*H*1000mm(Standard length 2000 Rice type)


    350KG(Standard 2000 meters long)


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