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    Packaging system

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    Packaging system

    Packaging system

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    Customized Packaging Production Solution

    Xingyong Machinery can design and manufacturer different packaging lines for kinds of product, such as chips packing machine line, salad packing machine line, frozen food packing machine line, meat packing machine line and etc.

    Since the packaging line is usually a non-standard customized product according to different requirements, pls kindly reply us the following information in your inquire——

    1. What the product you want to pack?

    2. What is the max. weight and bag size(Length and Width)?

    3. What packing speed you need in one min.?

    4. What kind of sealing method you want?

    5. Do you want the whole packaging line or only the packing machine? 

    6. Your special request for the packaging?

    7. ……

      Pls advise us the information as clear as enough, so that we can give you our best proposal. Thank you in advance.

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