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    Disc Spiral Feeder

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    Disc Spiral Feeder

    2021-02-10 19:18:15
    Disc Spiral Feeder

    Disc Spiral Feeder

    Electromagnetic elastic driven to rotate and isperse the material to one word shape from low to the relevant equipment to realize automatic feeding. Suitable for grain counting packaging machine or automatic machining equipment and processing center for hardware! industry. 

    Product characteristic:

    1. Suitable for the adhesive materials. Fully automatic unattended.

    2. Conveying the materials stably, forcefully and evenly by vibration and rotation. No material alarm(optional)

    3. Amplitude adjustable to control the flow

    4. Simple structure, easy to install and maintain,low maintainance cost, long service life

    5. Low noise, low power consumption, small volume, environmental protection machine.

    Optional configuration:

    1. Body material: 304 stainless steel, carbon steel.

    2. Material contact material is 304#.

    3. Rotate plate: Dia. 480mm, Height 210mm(standard) right or left rotation

    4. Accept customized according to customer's drawings

    Technical Parameters:

    Machine name

    Disc Spiral Feeder



    machine frame

    #304 stainless steel

    Hopper capacity


    Feed capacity

    3 m³ /H

    Vibration groove lengthVibration groove length

    Customized according to customer requirements

    Vibrating noisy

    < 40dB


    Single or second line180-220V Second line 350V-450V,50-90Hz

    Total power


    Packing size




    Due to the increasingly serious safety problems of conveying machinery and equipment in the world, some developed countries have begun to introduce a large number of conveying equipment products that meet the quality and safety performance and are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. In recent years, belt conveyor manufacturers have moved toward high efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection, health and safety Development, keep up with the development trend of global transportation equipment products.

    Nowadays, the market competition of conveying equipment products is mainly technical competition. Improving the technical content of conveying machinery and equipment products is the main problem for manufacturers of conveying machinery and equipment. In the development of conveying machinery and equipment, belt conveyor manufacturers have been Using high-tech technology to help companies achieve higher production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, thereby improving the production efficiency of production companies, we found that in developed countries abroad, high-tech applications are widely used in the production and manufacturing of conveying machinery and equipment. The technical content of the conveying machinery and equipment products is very high, and the performance is more perfect. Therefore, intelligent technology is an important part of the conveying machinery and equipment products and has a broad development prospect.

    At the same time, for the technical exchanges and trade exchanges of international transportation machinery and equipment products, transportation equipment manufacturers further strengthened the market competitiveness of transportation machinery and equipment products, strengthened the functions of transportation machinery and equipment products, and further consolidated the market position of domestic transportation machinery and equipment products. .

    The safety of the production process of conveying machinery is also very important. Developed countries have high requirements for the quality and safety of conveying machinery and equipment.

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