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    Inclined Conveyor

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    Inclined Conveyor

    2020-11-09 15:50:32
    Inclined Conveyor

    If the electric drum manufacturer wants to make the technical maintenance of construction machinery feasible, it must perform the following tasks:

    (1) The superiors and the employees reached a consensus, overcame the idea of “replacement by cultivation”, listed technical maintenance as an important part of maintenance management, institutionalized technical maintenance, and established a corresponding supervision mechanism. The maintenance and repair functions of mechanical equipment are separated. Maintenance is to maintain the normal performance of the machine, and repair is to restore the performance of the machine. However, in the daily use of equipment, repair is often emphasized rather than maintenance, or even "repair instead of maintenance." However, facts have proved that 75% of the abnormal wear and failure of the machine are caused by improper operation and maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to attract sufficient attention from the superior and provide strong support in manpower, material and financial resources. All personnel related to machinery and equipment should reach a consensus, include technical maintenance work in the responsibilities of maintenance management personnel, and incorporate them into the company’s institutional management, formulate corresponding maintenance plans, formulate related rules and regulations, and supervise whether maintenance is carried out Maintain maintenance items, content and procedures, and corresponding maintenance records, etc., and must clearly define their respective responsibilities, rights, and benefits, so that rewards and penalties are clear.

    (2) The conveying equipment manufacturer recommends strengthening the training of maintenance personnel and operators to ensure that all maintenance operations can be carried out in accordance with the "procedures". Generally speaking, the drivers of construction machinery should obtain work permits, but the basic qualities of many drivers Poor, low education level, no strict formal training, little knowledge of the structure, principle, performance of mechanical equipment, coordination in work and how to improve efficiency, and the main content of technical maintenance is to rely on the driver If it is completed, a series of training plans must be formulated to provide systematic training for maintenance management personnel, maintenance personnel, and especially drivers, to ensure that various operations and technical maintenance can be carried out in accordance with regulations.

    (3) Standardizing and tabulating the content of technical maintenance items, making maintenance records and filing mechanical equipment maintenance specifications refer to the requirements for technical maintenance of machinery. When any construction machinery equipment leaves the factory, the specific content and requirements for daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the equipment have been put forward. However, people often only do qualitative maintenance in maintenance work, instead of performing quantitative maintenance according to the content and requirements of maintenance items. Even if it is done, there is no corresponding maintenance record. Therefore, we must compile corresponding technical maintenance forms according to the content and requirements of the maintenance items of different machinery and equipment to facilitate maintenance and make records. We should also establish corresponding equipment files to provide reliable maintenance and judgment of mechanical conditions and repairs. in accordance with.

    (4) Equipped with equipment and tools required for maintenance, testing and maintenance, and try to improve various facilities on site. Many construction machinery (especially Jinri Machinery) have test points on different parts, which require the use of corresponding monitoring instruments. In the process of monitoring and technical maintenance of mechanical equipment, corresponding general tools and special tools are also required, and various tools must be completed and recorded. At the same time, according to the different environmental conditions of each construction site, the workbench, car tank, workshop and other facilities required for maintenance and repair should be set up. The technical inspection and maintenance of various machinery can be carried out smoothly, and according to the mastery in the inspection and maintenance process Under the circumstances, formulate preventive measures and carry out some repairs to ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition.

    (5) The conveyor equipment manufacturer recommends making full use of funds, implementing "zero inventory" management, and using cheap spare parts to prevent the installation and use of unqualified spare parts in various maintenance work. The number of spare parts required is large, but the amount of funds is not much. Therefore, when funds are short, the limited funds should be fully utilized, and the "zero inventory" management method of spare parts should be used flexibly according to the progress of the project and the technical status of the machinery . For vulnerable and consumable parts and spare parts with little capital, proper and reasonable inventory shall be kept, warehouse inventory shall be carried out on time, and spare parts statistics for maintenance at all levels shall be done to ensure that some maintenance and maintenance are necessary and occupy more capital The spare parts, do not delay the smooth progress of maintenance work. At the same time, when purchasing spare parts, you must understand important indicators such as their source, manufacturer, model, specification and performance. Especially for some spare parts that are difficult to detect, you should go to the corresponding franchise dealer or general dealer to purchase. Qualified spare parts are installed and used. Of course, when purchasing, you should shop around, choose cheap parts, and conduct a careful comparison between domestic and imported parts to obtain a better price-performance ratio to ensure the power and reliability of the mechanical equipment , Extend its life and prevent accidents.

    (6) Make full use of time, coordinate the relationship between various departments, rationally deploy personnel, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and obtain clear rewards and punishments. According to the characteristics of various construction projects and climate change, make full use of the rainy season or downtime. Reasonably arrange mechanical maintenance according to the specific situation and the maintenance period of each machine. At the same time, coordinate the relationship between parts supply department, engineering construction department and other related departments, organize maintenance personnel and drivers to participate in maintenance, clarify tasks, and fully mobilize personal enthusiasm. Carry out all kinds of machine-loving activities, and give economic, material rewards or spiritual encouragement to employees who are diligent, well-maintained, skilled, and efficient; and those who cause mechanical equipment damage due to laziness or negligence will be given severe punishment , So that it can learn from it.

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