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    How to choose automatic weighing automatic packaging machine and semi-automatic packaging machine

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    How to choose automatic weighing automatic packaging machine and semi-automatic packaging machine

    2022-11-30 10:15:33

    The overall production process of the automatic weighing automatic packaging machine does not require personnel to operate, but in comparison, it is a machine, so it still needs a person to watch it. Of course, if your factory agrees that the factory has Two fully automatic packaging machines You can use only one person to guard the machine. Because the general semi-automatic machine requires three people to operate it, so from this aspect, the labor cost is reduced.


    With the improvement of the degree of automation, the operation, maintenance and daily maintenance of the packaging machine are more convenient and simple, which reduces the professional skills requirements of the operators. The quality of product packaging is directly related to the temperature system, the speed accuracy of the host, and the stability of the tracking system.


    If the inspection still fails to meet the technical requirements after tracking the predetermined number of times, it can automatically stop for inspection to avoid the generation of waste products; due to the use of frequency conversion speed regulation, the chain transmission is greatly reduced, the stability and reliability of the machine operation are improved, and the The noise of the machine running. It ensures the high-tech level of the packaging machine with low loss, automatic detection and other multi-functional and fully automatic functions.


    Although the application function of the transmission system used in the automatic weighing automatic packaging machine is relatively simple, it has high requirements on the dynamic performance of the transmission, and the system requires fast dynamic follow-up performance and high stable speed accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the dynamic technical indicators of the inverter, and select high-performance inverters to meet the requirements.


    The so-called semi-automatic vacuum packaging machine mainly refers to foods with irregular shapes such as chicken feet and duck necks, which require manual feeding to better complete the packaging and reduce the rate of defective packaging. The automatic vacuum packaging machine is generally aimed at food with regular materials or smaller foods, such as common dried tofu, kelp, and other such foods. the whole process.


    Although the price difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic equipment is not very large, if people purchase this equipment in large quantities, the cost of the required expenditure is not low, so if it is a private small workshop, people can also purchase semi-automatic packaging. equipment.




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