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    Rugged stainless steel belts and conveyor systems reduce food processing contamination

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    Rugged stainless steel belts and conveyor systems reduce food processing contamination

    2021-04-23 14:23:40

    The time is ripe for a recall of food processing products, most commonly due to the spread of bacterial contaminants through poorly inspected products, or because products are contaminated with dirty processing equipment. Because of the prevalence of coronaviruses, especially in meat processing plants, there is a stronger demand than ever for safer and more hygienic practices in the food industry as a whole. Custom metal belt conveyor solutions and conveyor system manufacturers for more than 50 years have provided a hygienic solution: solid stainless steel belts and conveyor systems.

    "Product recalls can be devastating for manufacturers and consumers," said Mike Lumer, business development manager for the Americas. "Poor quality equipment materials such as plastics or rubber conveyor belts can pose an unnecessary risk to product quality. The inclusion of stainless steel components in food processing equipment reduces this risk.

    Loomer explains that due to aging and reuse, plastic and rubber bands can wear out and produce particulate matter, directly contaminate food, and be vulnerable to physical damage, including pits, pits, and cracks where chemicals, allergens, or infectious diseases can fester. They also produce gas (emissions of smoke) that affect the taste of food. In contrast, robust stainless steel conveyor systems provide a more hygienic, hygienic surface that does not affect food quality.

    "Metal conveyor belts don't need lubrication and don't exceed gas, so there's no risk to product flavor," Loomer says.  "Its solid, porous surface is resistant to bacteria and provides an overall clean surface area for transporting edible materials. They are also easier to clean and disinfect. 


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